Important Notice to Actors


      Audition Policy

                                     Please note that when you audition at Philadelphia Casting your only competition is your fellow actors. At no time are you auditioning against a casting director, their husband or wife or an employee of Philadelphia Casting.

Advice For Actors


      How to contact us

                   Do Not send MP3’s electronically unless requested for a specific project! We do not answer questions about ‘The Business’ via e-mail or telephone.

      How to see us


We occasionally hold Open Calls for professional, working actors. Please Note: Open Call is now being held on an “Invitation Only” basis.

You MUST be submitted by your agent to attend open call. If you do not have an agent, please email us a copy of your resume and picture (small jpeg’s ONLY – 250kb maximum) or a link to your online pictures and we will review them. Click here to send your picture and resume. If we are interested in seeing you, we will contact you. If you have an agent and wish to attend Open Call, please contact them and ask them to set up an appointment for you. If you are not local to Philadelphia (ie southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, New York City) DO NOT send pictures and resumes – the files will be deleted.

Open Call is an opportunity for us to meet new talent. We do expect you to be a trained actor, familiar with the process of reading commercial copy in front of a camera (We do not want to hear monologues or other prepared pieces). Please bring one (1) copy only of your picture with the resume attached and trimmed. If you are not submitted by an agent or have not been given an appointment by us, you will not be seen.

      How to get into the business of acting

We are neither agents nor managers and therefore do not guide careers nor give advice on ‘The Business’. There are excellent books available on the business and technique of acting at the better bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Borders or Look particularly for ‘How to Be A Working Actor,’ by Marylynne Henry & Lynne Rodgers or ‘The New York Actors Survival Guide.’ Another great book is Michael Caine’s, ‘Acting on Film.’

We *do not* recommend agents, managers or photographers. We do not give classes or workshops at our facility, but recommend using local theatre schools (for people in the Philadelphia PA area), such as Walnut Street Theatre, Freedom Theatre, The Wilma Theatre, People’s Light and The Arden Theatre.