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       What We Do

       Since 1993,

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Philadelphia Casting has provided casting services to the        advertising and film making community.

       We take a flexible, creative approach to your casting needs. We are easy to get along with and easily accessible. When you call us, you get US, not voicemail, not an intern.

Commercial, Corporate Video, Voice Over Casting


    • Studio & On Location casting – Web Posting Now Available!

                                     Cast at our Center City studios or any other location. On line remote video conferencing and Web posting available for video and voiceover. DVD and other media available.

    • New York Casting

                                     Casting in New York at Philadelphia rates (studio rental additional). In a convenient midtown location.

    • Simul – Casting

                                     Sessions run simultaneously here and in New York or Baltimore on the same day to give the widest possible choice of talent. You receive two DVD’s for review. Web posting is also available.

    • Voice Over Casting

                                     Voice over casting allows you to hear your copy read the way you hear it in your head. We bring you the most appropriate talent for your copy. High quality sound recording on compact disc. And for last                                                             minute casting we can email MP3 recordings or post on the Web.

    • Real People Casting

                                     Out on the street or in our studio, we can bring you ‘Real People’ to give your project that ‘person on the street’ look and feel. We’re happy to go to ice rinks, beaches, museums or factories to find just the right ‘Real Person’ for you. If you need someone with a specific skill, occupation or language, they are probably in our extensive and diverse talent files.

                                    We provide all the services you need after your session is finished and the talent is selected. We will make booking arrangements – give out time, location and wardrobe instructions, Station 12 union talent,                                                       Taft-Hartley waivers if necessary, and obtain child labor permits.

    • Rates

                                     Call or email for rates. “Rappelez-vous, si vous payez avec des cacahuetes, vous obtiendra des singes.” (Remember, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.)

Film Casting – Principal and Background
    • Principal Casting

                                         Philadelphia’s large talent pool and close proximity to New York City give you the chance to audition a wide range of actors for each role. We will make sure you see the right people for your project. We are used                                          to working closely with the AD department on films and always try to accommodate the requirements of the director, while staying within budgetary considerations. We are happy to work in conjunction with LA or NY casting directors

    • Stand ins / Photo Doubles
    • Background actors

                                         We have experience in dealing with large numbers of background actors (500+) and we are familiar with the special arrangements needed for costume fittings, etc. We provide on set check in plus all of the usual                                          services.

    • Rates

                                         Principal and background casting rates subject to negotiation. Signed deal memo required before casting prep begins.

Casting, it’s all we do

                                         We are constantly auditioning new talent so that we may bring you the best available and show you fresh faces. We are familiar with the changing needs of casting in todays increasingly diverse society.

Current and Recent Projects


                                    For Information on current projects click HERE.

                                            For information about our “Open Calls” click HERE.

                                                   Audition Policy

                                                   Actors, please note that when you audition at Philadelphia Casting your only competition is your fellow actors. At no time are you auditioning against a casting director, their husband or wife or an                                                                          employee of Philadelphia Casting. 

                                            Do Not send pictures, resumes or MP3’s electronically unless requested for a specific project!


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